Robert Kushner Bio

Born in 1949 in Pasadena, California. New York. Figurative art movement that began in New York in the late 1970s as the main material for the cloth “pattern painting” artist representative. Along with decorative patterns on the screen, Robert Kushner was able to introduce another important factor that may used space in the fabric.

Robert Kushner produced many works of art inspired by Japanese art,  “琳派” and decorations, he felt the frontiers of their own free-spirited strokes reminiscent of Matisse paintings, represented by Fauvism, as one can see the fusion of Eastern and Western aesthetics.

Main activities: exhibitions in galleries and numerous museums such as the typical American Whitney Museum and the Brooklyn Museum.

Robert Kushner’s major works in the collections: Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Denver Art Museum, Honolulu Academy of Art, National Gallery of Australia, Rockefeller Center, and many more magnificent mosaic murals 77th street subway station in New York two points. Biography