The Book Launch Party for “Amy Goldin: Art in A Hairshirt, Art Criticism 1964-1978”

February 17, 2012

Caroyln Lanchner, Irving and Lucy Sandler and Robert Berlind with Robert Kushner (right) at DC Moore Gallery.

Thursday, February 16, 2012 was the official book launch for Amy Goldin: Art in a Hairshirt, Art Criticism 1964-1978 (Hard Press Editions). DC Moore Gallery kindly sponsored this event. Many of the contributing critics attended: Elizabeth Baker, Emna Zghal, Irving Sandler and Max Kozloff.  Friends and family. And most important, a significant group of artists, both young and old, already interested in Amy Goldin’s writings, and wanting to be able to read more. I enjoyed signing books, seeing them go out into the world. But I was not the author, only the vehicle for this book coming to realization. Amazing anecdote of the evening:  Herb Bronstein had been a friend of Amy’s since the 1940s and gave me two interviews just before he died which helped me construct her early chronology. When I visited Herb at his apartment, I had admired a rather bizarre object which he owned. That evening of the book party, remembering Herb’s delight that I had recognized what it was,  his executor presented this objet d’art to me: an antique Papuan koteka*.  I wonder whether those exact circumstances have ever been repeated at a book launch party.

*What’s a koteka? Go look it up!

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