“White Peonies: A Cumulus Accumulation” in ‘Kaikodo Journal’

March 13, 2014

“It is for him as if there can never be enough beauty, as if there were never a place where nor a time when beauty has not potentially existed, and as if there can never be enough expressions of it.”  — Kaikodo Journal, March, 2014

Each year, Kaikodo Gallery has a spring show. It opens during Asia Week (March 14-22, 2014) in New York City. For the show, they publish a thoroughly researched book, Kaikodo Journal, in which each exhibited piece has a detailed article about it. While they show historical material mostly from China and Japan, I was one of several contemporary artists asked to make something for the exhibition this year. This is a remarkable essay and  a wonderful summation of my philosophy.


Robert Kushner, White Peonies: A Cumulus Accumulation, 2013



Painting Entry 20-2_edited-1


Painting Entry 20-3

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