Robert Kushner’s “Wedding Dress” (1976) featured in the “New York Times,” 1.16.14 / by Robert Kushner

Robert Kushner,  The Wedding Dress , (1976). Courtesy of the artist and  DC Moore Gallery .

Robert Kushner, The Wedding Dress, (1976). Courtesy of the artist and DC Moore Gallery.

“A Dealer’s Eye, and Life: ‘Hooray for Hollywood!’ Recalls Holly Solomon’s Eye for Art”
by Roberta Smith
The New York Times, January 16, 2014

In her article, Roberta Smith covers “Hooray for Hollywood!,” an expansive exhibit at two adjacent New York galleries, Pavel Zoubok and Mixed Greens that celebrate the eclectic eye of ‘Pop princess,’ collector, patron and art dealer, Holly Solomon.

Smith presents Solomon’s early interest in the Pattern & Design movement (P&D) and goes on to single out Robert Kushner’s Wedding Dress (1976):

“While providing a glimpse of the pluralist nature of 1970s art, this show occasionally demonstrates how its disparate strands intersect. Exhibit A is Mr. Kushner’s “Wedding Dress,” a wryly beautiful, rarely seen costume painting from 1976 that consists of an undulant expanse of filmy cream-colored fabric painted with attenuated fleurs-de-lis in red or violet and edged with gold tassels. It reflects Mr. Kushner’s attention to Islamic art and delivers a campy but unavoidable decorative punch while also “dematerializing the art object” — as the Post-Minimalists would say — so much so it could be carried in a shopping bag. This piece is emblematic of its moment but not trapped in it, and should be in a museum collection.”

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