Robert Kushner, "Les Chemins du Sud" at MRAC Occitanie, Sérignan, France by Robert Kushner

"Les chemins du Sud" - (Journey to the South)

June 23 - November 3, 2019
Musée Regional D'Art Contemporain, Serignan, France
Curated by Emmanuelle Luciani & Charlotte Cosson with Southway Studio

(Journey to the South) focuses on the heritage of Matisse, Bonnard, Dufy and other historic artists who "traveled South" and their connection to contemporary and young artists that could be seen as the heirs. The project will regroup more than 50 artists and will travel through the 20th century to today, connecting these times but also Europe to the USA.

Featured are artists from the Pattern and Decoration movement (Betty Woodman, Robert Kushner, Joyce Kozloff ) who, from the 1970s, embraced so-called minor arts.

Below: Robert Kushner guides the installation of “Aida,” 1979, at MRAC Serignan