The Wedding Dress

Less is a Bore: Robert Kushner at ICA Boston by Robert Kushner

Robert Kushner,  The Wedding Dress , 1978

Robert Kushner, The Wedding Dress, 1978

Robert Kushner’s “The Wedding Dress" (1976) and "Cincinnati C" (1978) are on view now at Institute of Contemporary Art Boston’s latest exhibition: "Less is a Bore: Maximalist Art and Design" through September 22, 2019.

“Borrowing its attitude from architect Robert Venturi’s witty retort to Mies van der Rohe’s modernist edict 'less is more,' 'Less Is a Bore' shows how artists, including those affiliated with the Pattern & Decoration movement of the 1970s, have sought to rattle the dominance of modernism and minimalism. Encouraged by the pluralism permeating many cultural spheres at the time, these artists accommodated new ideas, modes, and materials, challenging entrenched categories that marginalized non-Western art, fashion, interior design, and applied art.” — ICA/Boston

Robert Kushner,  Cincinnati C , 1978

Robert Kushner, Cincinnati C, 1978